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Illarvan - 17:49

I'll try to do a site overhaul when I get the chance, get everything updated and stuff :)

Illarvan - 17:40

I cannot fix the login ****on, it's a change within the browser I assume, so the link now just goes to the login page directly until I can get a better solution.

The Blue Queen - 19:15

*steps out of the shadows* *looks around* *flings cookies every-****-where* *giggles and fades away*

Illarvan - 07:40

That's weird, I'll look into it when I can. You can also login directly from the forums.

Dagz0 - 19:22

Just a heads up, when in chrome the login box for the website is blank for me. IE works fine as a workaround if anyone else is having trouble.

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